Join the Project

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.
~ Hopi Indian saying ~

Phase I

The members of the Rosary family are enormously grateful to all teachers, administrators, and students in the twenty-two schools who contributed videos during Phase I of the project. Each school captured something unique about the spirit of the Sacred Heart experience, the sense of joy in being part of an international community. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm.

Phase II - Join the Project!

We invite all of you who have not yet participated to get involved. Nietzsche says,

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

Come, listen to the music and join us. It is so much fun.

We recommend that you show to your students, faculty, and administrators the Phase I Compilation Video as well as many of the individual school videos. At that time, your group can decide on a plan that will work for you – one that shows off your school, your community, and the true spirit of your school.

If you have already contributed a video, please feel free to make a new one. It's time to update! We learned a great deal from our first endeavor, and we are currently in the process of filming our second dance video – adding in many ideas that came to us only in retrospect.

This time we invite everyone, even those who are part of the first montage, to choose a song that is of particular importance to your group, a song that, for whatever reason, makes your hearts beat a little faster, your feet want to fly, and your spirits soar.

As we receive them, each video will be added to our website.
Once we have collected more videos, we will put together a new Phase II Compilation Video.