The Inspiration

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This is the famous Matt Harding video.

Matt Harding traveled around the world to various cities and landmarks to dance. The video includes a few seconds of footage from many diverse locations. In most of the video clips, groups of local people dance with him. The background music is fantastic and adds to the joyous energy created by the dancing people in each location.

There is something transcendent about the combination of spontaneous energy displayed by the participants and the beautiful musical score that accompanies the footage.

We originally used the video as a simple way to expose students to people from other countries. Within a week or two of circulating the video on campus, someone on our committee made this statement:

"Wouldn't it be great if we made a video with students from every Sacred Heart school in the world?"

And that's when our process began.

Garry Schyman has been kind enough to provide us with the rights to his musical score for our project.